Coloring Package
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Coloring Package

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Our coloring package includes coloring of your unit. It does not include styling of the unit. If you would also like the unit customized and styled, you will  need to purchase the Customization package.

Be sure to email a picture of your desired color. The picture should be FILTER-FREE, so we're able to see the true desired color. VIBRANT COLORS WILL REQUIRE 613 (BLONDE) HAIR/WIG. We recommend that you reach out to us first to be sure you have the correct hair/wig for the desired color



The amount of time it takes to receive your product depends on your purchase type. We have PRE-ORDER wigs that take 5-7 business days to be constructed by our manufacturer and we have IN-STORE wigs that are readily available in our store with NO wait time. The time depends on which type of wig you ordered.

Please allow 3-4 additional business days for the coloring service to be completed after the specific processing time of your unit.

We are closed on Sundays and Mondays

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