How To Measure Your Head

How Do I Get My Head Measurements For My Custom Wig?

Below is a chart that will assist you with how to get your correct measurements.

Please be sure to follow these steps correctly to ensure you are getting the right measurements.

Note: If you measuring tape has a silver part at the beginning, you will start with the silver part each time. You should ALWAYS start at the very beginning of the measuring tape. 


How to measure head circumference for wig?

Begin with the circumference measurements. This measure all-around your head.

The thing you need is measuring tape, position it from the center of your frontal hairline, then guide it around to your tape and back to your first point.

Mark where the tape ends on the tape, and employ the number to get your size by comparing it with the chart size.

Head Sizes can range from 20.5 inches (X-Small) to 24 inches (X-Large)

Ear to Ear

Position your tape at the front of one ear, guide it across your frontal hairline and ends at the same point of the other ear. Use the result to refer to the size chart.

This measurement is the most vital one you need to know.

Forehead to Nape

Use the tape and start measure from the center of the front hairline at the forehead, straight back cross the crown and end at the central point of the hairline at the nape of your neck. The nape of the neck is where your necks bend and the skin folds.